Gimbals & Stabilisers

Hire Gimbals and Stabilisers

Gimbals & Stabilisers are tools that are used to stabilise video footage as to improve on over all production value. This negates the need for post-production stabilising and the resolution loss that goes with digital stabilising.  Gone are the days of full-body stabilising systems yet they still have a place in the feature film world.

We rent both motorised digital and mechanical gimbals as the demands for stabilising are wide.  Digital stabilisers are precise devices that are best suited for light-weight units, especially when space is an issue.

Mechanical units are much more suited to highly stressful filming environments such as extreme sports as they’re built tough and operate on bearings, not miniature brushless motors.

Ask us today about what stabilising system is the most suited to your rental and visual requirements as our team of Brisbane based experts are here to help.

Zhiyun Crane 2 – 3.2kg capacity (Experienced operator only)