Renting Equipment with Brisbane Camera Hire

Why rent with Brisbane Camera Hire?

Renting camera gear with BCH is a hassle-free endeavour that has been fine-tuned throughout our nearly 20 years of operations to give you the best possible experience.  Susan started Brisbane Camera Hire in 2007 because it felt like the rental houses at the time didn’t want to deal with anyone that wasn’t a fully-fledged professional, furthermore, even as a fully-fledged professional there was no trust.  They ran everyone through intense registrations, hefty security deposits and barely wanted to know you, let alone provide you with service or help you create better images.  We are here to help you with not just with gear hire but your ability to use it too.

Susan and her team, are passionate professional photographers that aren’t just in it for the biscuit, we live and breath photography and being able to point out a secret switch here or a special mode there is why we split our time between renting equipment and using equipment.  We are in the unique position of being able to get hands-on experience with over 150 different types of gear hence why the BCH service is unrivalled, especially today. 

What is the hire procedure?

As a short-term rental house we pride ourselves in providing an array of popular professional items as well as the speciality items that you’re not willing to throw $10,000 at, just for one bird photo.  We don’t typically demand security deposits (some cases require security bonds but this are rare) as we feel bonds hinder both amateurs and professionals alike, instead, we request you fill out our registration form and provide 100 points of I.D (read our T&Cs for more info).

We can process your registration in store if you show up with 100 points of I.D or within our secure online registration form which you can find here. It won’t request your 100 points, we will witness those when you’re in-store to collect your hire. 

Check out our T&Cs here.