Camera and Lens Hire FAQs

Camera and Lens Rental FAQ

All of our staff are working photographic professionals too!  This means we can help you better as we have a current working knowledge of both the equipment and the challenges.  This also means that, more often than not, we are heading off to shoots straight after BCH closes! Please don’t be offended if we can’t keep the store open past our closing time if you are running late – often we are racing off to an assignment.

If you need to pick up or return after hours, we may be able to assist you depending upon staff availability.  Normal price list hire fees plus surcharges will apply.

When are you open?
We run extended hours on Monday and Friday to assist those with full-time commitments.  

  • Monday & Friday – 9am to 6pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday – 9am to 12noon
  • Sunday – Closed

How do you work out the rental period?

  • We charge by the 24 hour period.  A 1 day hire is 24 hours (Overnight), 2 day is 48 hours however we also offer same-day service.  Often we can be flexible with your pick up and return time which will give you a little extra time if needed.  Just ask when booking!
  • Weekends can be a little different – If you are just shooting on Friday and can return by 10am Saturday – 1 day rate.
  • If you need to hire later than 10am Saturday – 2 day or weekend rate.
  • We are happy to provide multiple quotes if you’re not sure!

Do you deliver rental equipment?

  • Shipping has always been a challenge but since we have began using an express door-to-door service we have been able to reduce the cost and increase speed and delivery rates.  Be sure to check out our Shipping Policy.

Lost Items

  • It’s common for items to be returned incomplete, often people remove the hood and forget to re-attach, or leave a lens cap in their bag. In theses instances we are happy to give you time to look for the lost item but to uphold the quality of the Brisbane Camera Hire experience we refuse to rent incomplete items.  We will contact before replacing them lost item and will match the condition of the lost item, not just buy a new one (unless second hand is not available).

“I forgot to return my hire and it’s now overdue – will you guys be mad?”

  • Well…. Our ability to punctually service our hire bookings means that we very much rely on hires being returned on time. As much as we want to provide flexible return we are sure you’d not be impressed if, on collection, you had to wait 3 hours for a tardy returner.  If you can let us know BEFORE you are overdue, we can potentially extend you out a little longer, but we can’t promise that will be possible on all occasions.  
  • If you don’t let us know and you simply do not return, late fees of $50 / day will be applicable. If the day rate of the late item is higher then $50, you will be charged that fee.

“I dropped my hired gear.  What happens now?”

  • Firstly, don’t stress.  Accidents happen and we understand!  Damage to the gear is the responsibility of the hirer so we offer comprehensive insurance cover which will cover you for damage or loss with an excess of $500 per claim, not per item.  In the event that insurance was taken, the hirer will be liable for the excess. If insurance was not taken, the hirer is liable for the full amount of damages or replacement if the gear is written off. We will work with you to find a happy medium, we’re not ones to go out and buy a brand-new lens to replace a used one!

What happens if the gear is lost or stolen during the hire period:

  • The hirer is liable for the full replacement of the items including accessories such as camera bags, memory cards etc.
  • Theft or loss will also be reported to the police.
  • At times theft or loss will be a fraudulent claim – we are well onto this – don’t try it ☺

“Are you able to train me in how to use the gear?”

  • We will happily show you in the ins and outs of the hired gear and give you any tips and tricks we may know of.  However, we are unable to provide training in how to do photography. Things such as camera settings or how to use lighting needs more involved training that we are able to supply.  If you need some extra support or training let us know (before your hire date!) and we can hook you up with some great trainers!

“Do I need to book gear or can I just walk in store without a booking?”

  • It’s definitely best to book in advance to secure what you’ll be needing.  While we maintain healthy stock levels, popular items still book out in advance. In saying that, we will happily service walk-in customers so long as they’re armed with 100 points of I.D.

“Do I need to pay a security bond?”

  • No, in normal circumstances we do not take a bond as we find them prohibitive for most.  However, in lieu of deposit we do require current credit card details on file.

“Do you give any discounts?”

  • Yes!  On presentation of a current Student ID card you will automatically receive 20% off your hire!  Be sure to tell us you’re a student when you book in.
  • Alternatively we have taken some popular item groupings and made them into package deals!  These packages can be up to 35% off the normal pricing of the items if hired individually. Check them out here.

“Can you deliver my hire to me?”

  • It’s a possibility yes!  Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can work out for you.  We are working with multiple partners to provide an overnight, nation-wide shipping service but at the moment this is case by case, please contact us directly.