Reflector Holder

This Godox LSA-15 Light Stand Arm with 2 x Clamps attaches a light-stand.  Although ideally suited to holding reflectors and scrims, the clips can hold practically anything.

1 x Godox LSA-15 Light Stand Arm with 2 clamps

Hire rate
  • Half Day
    $ 4
  • Daily
    $ 5
  • Weekend
    $ 7.5
  • Weekly
    $ 15

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The Godox LSA-15 Reflector Holder / Boom Arm is designed to hold reflectors or diffusers of different sizes and shapes. It can be connected to a tripod or light stand. It features aluminum construction and is telescopically adjustable between 70cm and 170cm in length. The tube diameter is 19mm at the widest section and 13mm at the most narrow end.. We’re not suggesting you stop hiring an assistant though, turns out reflector clamps are no good at making coffee…


Please note that this item is the reflector holder arm only – you will still need your own light-stand to mount it to, or if you don’t have one, just add a light stand to your order.