Nanlite PavoTube 15C 2ft RGBW LED tubes x 2

Let your creativity run wild with these LED tubes. Put a splash of colour onto a background, or light up your subject with a specific hue. The PavoTubes feature 0 to 100% dimming with maximum illumination of 2850 lumens at 5600K, as well as a full spectrum RGB and pre-programmed special lighting effects. With the colour temperature adjustable from 6500-2700K, a CRI of 98 and a TLCI of 95 this RGB LED tube exceeds most studio lighting needs. It also features a choice of over 360 static light colours on the RGB spectrum and can cycle through the entire spectrum at a speed of your choice. With six pre-programmed special effects in a simple-to-use menu system, this NanLite RGB light tube makes it easy to create lighting scenes that can otherwise be difficult to replicate.  The opportunity for creativity and fun is endless!

2 x 2ft LED Pavotubes
2 x clamps
2 x charging units
Carry bag
** Does not include light-stands. These may be hired separately if required **

Hire rate
  • Half Day
    $ 32
  • Daily
    $ 40
  • Weekend
    $ 55
  • Weekly
    $ 110

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The Nanlite PavoTube II is a flexible lighting solution, perfect for providing high-quality lighting in a variety of lighting solutions, big and small.

The PavoTube II is powered by an internal lithium battery and features a rugged metal build.


Model: PavoTube 15C 2 light kit

Size: 2 foot

Colour Temp:  2700-12000K

Charging Time: 2 hours

CRI/TLCI: 98/95

your NANLITE hire includes

2 x 2ft LED Pavotubes
2 x clamps
2 x charging units
Carry bag