Godox 1000BI II Bi-Colour LED Panel (2 x head)

Godox 1000BI II Bi-Colour LED Video Light gives you powerful and portable video lighting for instances where space is at a premium.  Easy to set up and can be powered either by mains power or V-Lock batteries (hired separately), these lights can be hired in either a one head or twp head kit.

2 x Godox 1000BI II Bi-Colour LED Panels
2 x power cables
2 x remote controls
2 x light stands
2 x carry bags

Hire rate
  • Half Day
    $ 72
  • Daily
    $ 90
  • Weekend
    $ 135
  • Weekly
    $ 270

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Godox 1000BI description

The Godox LED1000Bi II Bi-Color DMX LED Video Light offers a user-selectable color temperature of 3300 to 5600K with a ±300K variance. Dimming settings range from 0% to full power and can be adjusted using the video light’s on-board LCD panel or by its wireless remote which has a range of up to 65.6′. For enhanced versatility, the LED1000Bi II Bi-Color DMX LED Video Light also features connectivity for DMX controllers.

This video light is rated for output up to 4800 lux at 3.3′ and 4200K, 2200 lux at 3.3′ and 3300K, and 2600 lux at 3.3′ and 5600K; drawing a maximum of 70W of power during use. A yoke with a standard light stand receiver and locking knob supports the LED1000Bi II Bi-Color DMX LED Video Light and its design also incorporates a built-in filter slot for its included diffuser. While an AC adapter is provided for in-studio use, separately available V-mount batteries can be used to provide power while on location. 

Godox 1000BI Specs

Colour Temp – 3300 to 5600K ± 300K

Colour Accuracy Standard – CRI 96

Dimming – 0% to 100%

Number of LED’s – 512 Tungsten, 512 Daylight

Weight – 2.51kg each unit


Included in your Godox Hire

  • 2 x Godox 1000BI LED Panel
  • 2 x Power cable
  • 2 x Light stand
  • 2 x Remote Control