Underwater Housings


We are Brisbane's premier underwater housing rental company for profession and amatuer photographers.  We use only the best Aquatech Elite Sport housings under a strict regime of maintanence.

Aquatech Elite Sport Tangalooma
5D3 Dive Housing

As you may know we've recently began renting Aquatech underwater housings for the 5dMkIII - and primarily the setup for Canon's 16-35 F/2.8 L VII as we've found and been advised from our web of fantastic photographers that there's barely a better combo out there for underwater work thanks to dome-port ligh transmission and the magnification component of being underwater [around 28-33%] which makes the ultra-wide range more like a normal [Canon's 24-70 f/2.8 for example].  We've come to learn many things about adaptability and the optics of these systems thanks to in-depth hands on training from Aquatech's Phil Ghallagher so that we can maintain these submerisibles in the utmost working order.  In talking with him we've learnt that our housing kits can facilitate our Canon 15mm Fisheye for example!    Aquatech's compatibility chart can be found here and our compentents list follows below


Elite Sport Components
- Aquatech Elite Sport Housing - with Mk3 backplate
- PD-85 Dome Port
- P-70EX Lens Extension Port
- Zoom gear for 16-35 f/2.8 VII & 16-35 f/4IS

Aquatech Lens Reference Compatibility Chart
Aquatech Support Topics









We are now renting Aquatech Underwater Housings!

There is one thing that has excited me and scared me in equal quantities over the last 10 years,  and that’s underwater housing hire.  The appeal is hard to deny – look at where we live!  We live in one of the most beautiful states and the opportunity for exploring beneath the waters surface is too much to deny.

After much contemplation, we have decided to dive in and now have in stock 4 complete Aquatech Elite Underwater Housing kits to suit the Canon 5D MkIII and EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II combo for rental.

These housings are designed only for surface shooting and down to a depth of 5M, but are absolutely perfect for snorkelling, surfing, underwater portraits or fashion and general adventure having.  So intuitive is the design of these surf/snorkel housings that even underwater you're given full camera control through access to the 'Q' function menu - where you navigate using the thumb-joystick.  The only function not acheivable through the 'Q' menu is the lens' physical zoom so we supply gearing to facilitate full zoom-function via an external whip.  

Another handy function of these housings is all-weather shooting because, as photographers, we realise that the best images are often derived from situatuions unseen and in a world where most cameras will die in the rain, you'll be able to shoot in monsoonal conditions until your heart is content.

Each kit comes complete with the housing, zoom gears, protective dome cover, wrist strap and customised pelican case. 

Our little minds are working overtime with ideas to shoot with these housings so keep your eye on the BCH Instagram (briscamhire) over the next few weeks

Tech Specs

Build: Polyurethane Shell, Stainless Stell Controls combined with Anodized aluminium.
Functions and Controls:  AF-On, Start,Stop, Video / Stills Switch, Q Menu, Right Multi-Controller/Joystick, Set Button, Zoom in, Playback, AF Point, Rear Control Wheel and of course the shutter- all of which are as smooth as butter.
Dimensions: 19cm Wide  x 17cm High and 12.7cm deep.
Weight: 1.6KG - or roughly 3.8-4kg including Housing, Dome, Lens Port, Zoom gearing, 5D3 Body and 16-35 f/2.8 VII Lens.

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