Underwater Housing Package

Getting your camera underwater is a costly pursuit so renting is the perfect solution to allow you to shoot the in the ocean/pool.  We chose to rent Aquatech Elite Sport housing due to their impeccable build quality and durability in harsh conditions.  Whether you’re shooting waves the size of your house, a fish the size of your finger or a bride in a rainstorm you can rest assured knowing that you’re carrying to most optically correct and well build housings in the world.

This is a complete housing which includes the 5D MkIII body housing, PD-70 lens port, PD-85 Dome, CZ zoom gear, wrist strap all in an secure and easy to transport Pelican Case.  Rated to 33′ for 5 minutes.

Our Aquatech Elite Sport Housings are suitable only for the 5D MkIII and 5DsR cameras.  Due to the high menu functionality of the Elite Sport housings, through customised backplates, one must shoot with the camera that the backplate was built for, otherwise you won’t be able to access any of your buttons.

The housing includes the lens port, dome and zoom gears for the EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II. Wide Angle lenses are the go-to for underwater photography for many reasons but the two main ones are that to create clear images you need to be close to the subject, the further away you are, the more particular and muck you have to shoot through.  Another factor is the underwater zoom index, caused by the physical nature of light moving through air and water, this is roughly a 30% magnification.

This is also a really interesting lens to use underwater.  If you remove the lens port and just attach the dome straight to the housing, it then becomes compatible with this fish eye lens.  At the 8mm lens you will get a really distinctive circular image.  A fun lens to play with.


Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $450 (Usually $695) [35% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $900 (Usually $1165) [22% off]