The Ultimate Trinity

There are 3 lenses affectionately nicknamed the Holy Trinity in the photography world.  These 3 focal lengths have you covered from head to toe – from wide angle right through to telephoto.  If what you’re shooting isn’t covered by this range – well…. come and chat to us!

The 16-35mm will have you covered at the wide end of the range.

This lens will usually cover you for most scenarios.  The range is wide enough for landscapes and close enough for lovely portraits.  If you were to shoot a wedding with one lens only – this one would be it.

To bring it home at the telephoto end of the range we bring you the 70-200mm.  Also a good choice for catching those stolen moments at weddings, or even for something like sporting games.  If you add a teleconverter to this you can achieve an impressive reach!


Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $220 [21% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $440 [17% off]