Strobist Package

This studio light package offers a generous 4 x 400w/s heads plus all our favourite modifiers to bring your next studio shoot to life.  This kit includes everything you need in the way of stands, triggers, syncing options.  Simply BYO camera!

These mains powered heads are easy to use and powerful enough for most requirements.

Also included in this kit is:

2 x 70x100cm Softboxes

2 x 80x120cm Softboxes

2 x reflectors

1 x beauty dish & grid

1 x Grid and reflector

1 x Light meter

4 x Pocket Wizard Plus X

1 x generic wireless trigger kit

1 x sync cable

There are other modifiers available such as octoboxes or strip boxes – just let us know what you need!


Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $250 (Usually $322.50) [22% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $400 (Usually $655) [39% off]