Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping hire camera gear is something we have laboured over for our decade+ of renting camera equipment.  The convenience is something we’ve always wanted to give our photographers however the behaviour of couriers (and some of our customers) resulted in gear bags getting left in sheds where they melted, or left on peoples door-step only to be stolen soon there after – or “lost” at a distribution centre for 8 months – we’ve had to deal with it all.

Our use of couriers was not only troubling, but the slow delivery windows meant we had gear sitting in idle, a huge loss of income – so we used to charge for the days it was in transit.  Naturally, no one wants to pay for gear while it’s not in their hands, so we found an impasse, but we now have a solution.  Moving forward we are utilising a door-to-door express delivery service in which you can track and contact the driver, to ensure you’re there to sign/receive.  The shipping costs are high, but this means we don’t need to charge you for time-in-transit and means our gear isn’t going to get misplaced or left in a warehouse for 6 weeks. 

Door-to-Door Express Service - Return Shipping

We ship door-to-door ONLY.  This allows us to bear the cost of lost income due to time-in-transit and ensures accurate delivery tracking.   The shipping cost is higher than a typical courier but it ends up working out cheaper than using a standard courier – due to the shipping time and us waiving the in-transit fee.

Shipping Quote Calculator - Return Shipping

Our shipping quotes are based on express door-to-door 2-way shipping, packed in Pelican Cases.  The quote provided below covers express shipping to and from your location and includes live driver tracking and direct driver contact.  If you want to discuss the terms or organise one-way shipping please contact us directly.