Real Estate Starter Kit

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at real estate photography, or perhaps you want to photograph your own home for sale or rent – this kit is for you!  Offering a full frame body, 2 lovely wide angle lenses (a beautiful rectilinear prime and a handy zoom) plus a sturdy tripod.  All you need is to BYO memory card or you can pick one up in store!

This lovely full frame camera has some handy features which are excellent for real estate.  It has a 2 axis level in Live-View and a fully articulating screen and that full frame sensor gives you the most out of your wide angle lenses and an impressive dynamic range.

One of the biggest challenges while photographing spaces is at wider angles you will experience spherical distortion.  This lens is a rectilinear design which means that it will yield and image where straight lines, such as walls of buildings, appear as straight lines, rather than being curved or distorted.

For versatility and ease, you will also get included the EF 16-35mm f/2.8 lens.  Ultra-wide, minimal distortion, and the ease of having the option of a zoom.




Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $275 [25% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $550 [25% off]