Professional Real Estate Package

Shooting professional real estate is all about showcasing the way a home feels, allowing the potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the space.  This is where the best of the best wide angle lenses come into play – allowing a home to be fully showcased in the one image, and giving a spacious feeling.  The downside of shooting ultra wide can be lens distortion.  But the lenses in this package will  eliminate that issue for you.  

The EF 11-24mm f/4 L is a ultra wide angle rectilinear lens which yields images where straight lines – such as walls, appear straight rather than curved and distorted.  This is a must have in every professional real estate photographers bag.

The 17mm Tilt Shift lens is also an amazing asset in architecture photography, allowing you to fully control the tilt and shift mechanisms to also keep lines and perspectives accurate.  After you have mastered the learning curve associated with the Tilt Shift – we think you’ll love it.


Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $200 (Usually $305) [35% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $400 (Usually $580) [31% off]