Reflector – 130cm round – 4-Colour

130cm Metal Bounded Scrim
130cm White reflector with Black / Silver / Gold reversible sleeve

Hire rate
  • Half Day
    $ 5.6
  • Daily
    $ 7
  • Weekend
    $ 10.5
  • Weekly
    $ 21

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130cm 4-colour Reflector is a popular lighting modifier as it can leverage both natural and artificial light sources. This gives you the option to further sculpt your strobe light or provide fill in high-contrast scenes.  Brisbane Camera Hire’s Reflectors of varying styles.

Silver reflectors reflect colour-balanced light with great intensity; white produces a neutral fill; gold adds warmth and intensity; black introduces negative fill – effectively removing light from the subject to increase contrast and interest; translucent will diffuse stark light sources and soften the lighting – very commonly used for outdoor journalism and video work.

We also have 120×90 reflectors and 1m round white reflectors.