Bowens Gemini 400w/s Twin Head Lighting Kit

2 x 400w/s Strobe / Flash Heads
2 x Light Stands
2 x Wide Angle Reflectors
2 x Power Cables
1 x spare modelling bulb
1 x Wireless Trigger Kit
1 x Sync Cable
2 x Modifiers of your choice (brollies or softboxes)

Hire rate
  • Half Day
    $ NA
  • Daily
    $ NA
  • Weekend
    $ NA
  • Weekly
    $ NA

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Bowens Gemini 400ws Single Head Lighting Kit is a professional quality studio light designed for all types of studio photography. Bowens Gemini 400w/s are a staple amongst the studio photography world and are part of why Bowens, for near on a decade, have been one of the big names in studio lighting.  We love Bowens because of their consistency of output, accuracy in power adjustment and rapid recycle rate. This kit contains a single head but we can provide up to 2x 400w and 6x400w.

All modifiers at Brisbane Camera Hire fit the Bowens mount so if you’ve got a particular soft-box or you need a beauty dish please let us know and we can ensure you rent the correct modifiers.

Bowens Gemini 400 User Manual

Bowens Gemini 400watt/s Kit Includes

  • 1x 400w/sec Head
  • 1x Light Stand
  • 7″ Reflector
  • Modifiers: Softboxes, Umbrellas or Reflectors.
  • Wireless Triggers
  • 1x Sync Cable
  • Spare Bulb
  • Carry Bag


Bowens Gemini 400watt/s Studio Light Features and Specifications

    • Watts/Second: 400
    • Guide Number: ISO 100: 80m
    • Temperature: 5600K ±300K  [5.4%]
    • Recycle Rate: 1.5 second @ full power on 120v AC.
    • Strobe Duration: 1/100th @ full power
    • Variability: 5 stops [25 – 400w/s]
    • S-Type Bayonet
    • Modeling Lamp: 250w
    • Beep
    • Optical Slave