Brisbane Camera Hire - Terms & Conditions

All prices include GST but exclude freight and insurance.


The following requirements must be met in order to hire from Brisbane Camera Hire

o Photo ID such as a Learners Permit, Driver’s Licence, Student ID or Passport.

o If you are under 18 years of age the hire must go into the name of a parent or guardian.

o A Current Credit Card

o For high value (>$2K worth of equipment) you will need to supply 2 x current utilities  bills showing your name and address.

o For high value hires (as above) you must be a permanent Australian Citizen.

o For first time hirers for whom there is no established relationship yetwith Brisbane Camera Hire, depending upon the value of equipment requested, a bond may be required.


  •   Brisbane Camera Hire (BCH) shall not be liable for any damages as a result of the Renter’s use or misuse of the hired equipment. The renter indemnifies BCH for any liability, even if the items and subsequently found to be faulty.

  •   All equipment released for hire has been thoroughly checked, cleaned and is regularly serviced. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the equipmentisinfullworkingorderwhenitleavestheBCHpremises. Althougha checklist is included in the collection process, BCH recommends that the hirer make their own double checks and tests of the gear before use, particularly before important assignments. This is good practice for any professional photographer. If the equipment should fail during the rental period, BCH will endeavour to provide a replacement or similar item as soon as possible but cannot guarantee to do so. A refund will be provided if the equipment is confirmed faulty through no fault of the hirer.

  •   It is assumed that the hirer has sufficient skill and knowledge to operate the hired equipment. BCH does not provide technical support if you subsequently find you are unable to operate it properly. All cameras are supplied with their manuals on request. It is up to the hirer to ensure they have the appropriate skill level and knowledge to perform the job. The equipment for hire is of a professional nature and has limited automatic functions so a high level of knowledge is usually required. Training on the equipment can be provided by prior arrangement at a rate of $75 / half hour.

  •   Whilst BCH endeavours to do so, it is good practice to reset cameras back to their default settings and re-program as you prefer.

  •   The hirer shall not use the equipment in circumstances where it may be affected by saltwater or other corrosive atmospheric conditions (such as sand) without the prior BCH knowledge and approval.

  •   The hirer is not to take the equipment outside of Australia without prior approval from BCH. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the hired equipment is specifically covered under their own travel insurance policy.

  •   The hirer shall return the hired items to BCH in their original condition. The hirer shall be liable to all damage to the equipment including (but not limited to) loss, impact damage, paint chips, fire, scratches, fungus, missing parts.

  •   Cameras are always issued with camera straps attached. You may remove the straps if you wish however the strap MUST be re-attached before returning to BCH. Non attachment of strap will attract a $10 strap re-attachment fee.

  •   If the hirer elects to use a courier service, Australia Post or any other freight company to handle the delivery / return of their hired items, Brisbane Camera Hire willnottakeanyliabilityfordamagecausedintransit. Ifahirerwishestousea courier service please be aware that this is a third party external company to BCH. BCH will ensure that all items are dispatched with more than ample time to make it to their destination but we cannot be held liable for any delays once the item is with the courier company and out of BCH control. All courier tracking numbers will be given to hirers and it is their responsibility to track a courier once it has left BCH premises.

  •   Should an item be damaged during the hire period and require repair of service, the hirer will be liable for lost hire fees for the duration that the item is out of the hire pool.

  •   Should there be any non-payment of hire fees, return of equipment, replacement if missing items or failure to pay any other monies owing, the matter shall be referred to our Debt Collection Agency and the police and an additional $300 in administration and debt collection fees will then be incurred in addition to the original monies owing.

  •   The hirer shall check the equipment list and actual equipment carefully as goods not returned as per the list shall be deemed lost and the hirer shall be charged for replacement. This includes items such as cables, chargers, OFFICIAL Nikon / Canon lens caps and covers, camera straps, batteries, bags, pouches and cases, flash diffusers / gels etc.

  •   BCH shall not refund or hold in credit monies should your shoot be cancelled for any reason (including bad weather). Unfortunately, that is just bad luck. If the equipment has been removed from the hire pool, whether it is used by the hirer or not, it must be paid for.

  •   Please note, cameras are not supplied with lenses, memory cards , USB cables or Card Readers. You must hire these items separately.

  •   Memory Card hire Please be aware that due to the consumable nature of memory cards, they can, without warning, reach the end of their life and fail. Brisbane Camera Hire therefore does not hire cards. However, we do have a range of cards available for purchase.


  • Hire periods are calculated on a 24-hour “time out” basis and not “time used” basis, that is, from the time of collection from BCH premises to the time that it is returned to the premises. 

  • Hirer’s wishing to use a courier or express postage option locally will be charged hire rates for one day in transit. BCH will then cover the other day of transit. However, for Express Post or courier that takes longer than one day then full hire fee for the total time will need to be charged. This usually applies to express post to regional areas where postage delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

  • One day hire commences at the time that the equipment is collected from BCH premises and finishes when the equipment is returned at the same time or earlier the following day. Return times can often be flexible by request.

  • One day hires are NOT available over the weekends. Please see below for weekend hires.

  •   Weekend Hire begins on a Friday (or Saturday) and ends on Monday.

  •   Two consecutive weekdays are charged at the discounted weekend rate.

  •   Weekly hire is any seven day period

  •   Monthly hire is any 4 week period.

  •   Other rental periods will be quoted on request.

  •   If equipment is due to be returned on a public holiday the hirer shall return it the following business day at no additional charge. 

  •   After hours collections / drop-offs are only available by appointment. Appointment must be made within business hours to allow us to schedule staff.  Pickups between 8-8.45am and from 5.10 to 6pm incur an additional $75 after hours fee. 

  •   Drop-offs to any surrounding business are not acceptable!! 

  •   Should you wish to cancel your hire and return equipment earlier than set out in the original hire contract, 2 days hire will be charged and any remaining unused days refunded. 


    If you are not local to Brisbane, or cannot pick up / return in person we allow the use

    of couriers.

    You will need to arrange for the courier yourself and inform Brisbane Camera Hire of any requirements beforehand (addressing of the box, printing of consignment notes etc)

      Brisbane Camera Hire will ensure your equipment is very well securely and safely packaged however takes no liability for damage once it has left our premises.

      Please allow for more than ample time for the delivery to be made as Brisbane Camera Hire will not refund your hire if the courier did not make it to you in time.

      The best option for arranging a courier is You do not need to have an account etc, and can simply book online. 


  •   Equipment is hired and bookings taken subject to availability. If equipment which has been booked becomes unavailable for whatever reason, then BCH will endeavour to provide similar equipment at the agreed time and agreed price, but cannot guarantee to do so. Availability of equipment to honor bookings made depends on the prompt return from the previous hirer. Unfortunately, despite all best efforts, at times double bookings are made or previous hirers do not return as agreed.


  •   In the event of failure to return hired equipment at the time agreed with BCH, you will be charged for each day or part day it remains overdue and in addition you will be charged the lost hire should the equipment not be available for the next hirer and a cancellation requested.

  •   If you are going to be late returning your hired items you must inform BCH BEFORE you are overdue. If you do not inform BCH that you will be late and we have to chase you to track down your return, late fees of $50 per day in addition to the regular hire fee for the additional days will be charged.


  •   Brisbane Camera Hire occasionally offer special pricing deals or free Public Holidays. These are strictly not extendable. If you do need to extend and you have hired under a special pricing arrangement, you need to phone to check availability of doing so, and ask for a quote. Changing or extending a hire on a special rate will cancel the quoted price and your hire will revert back to normal pricing for the period.


  •   A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE if you cancel your booking less than 48 hours from the agreed hire commencement date.

  •   Without deposits your booking is simply a reservation, not a confirmed booking. You are given 24 hours from the reservation to pay your deposit. After that 24 hours the gear will be removed from hold and returned to the hire pool.

  •   This deposit will be refunded to you if you cancel your booking more than 48 hours out from your pick up date.

  •   Payment of the balance of the hire is due AT THE TIME OF HIRE. Upon collection of the items full payment is due. If you are having your items couriered or posted to you then full payment is required prior to dispatch. We will not dispatch any unpaid for items. Due to the volume of transactions we are unable to issue accounts or invoices for later payment.


    What does the hirer’s insurance cover?

    Hirers insurance covers the repair to a piece of equipment should it be damaged whilst in the hirers possession. If you damage something it will be sent for assessment and repairs. If the repair is inexpensive then you just pay the repair costs. If it is a very expensive repair or total write off you will be charged an excess of 10% of the RRP with a minimum of $1000.

    What isn’t covered?

    This is a damage policy. The item may be a total write off, but there must be enough remains left to identify it as our item the serial number etc. Loss of the item by misplacing it or theft is not covered under this policy. You may wish to take our separate cover through yourowninsurerfortheftorlossifyouwish. Ifanitemisstolenorlostwhilstinyour possession, the full RRP to replace the item will be payable.

    Is there coverage outside of Australia?

    No, insurance covers inside Australia only. You will need to ensure that your own travel insurance covers the equipment while you are away.