Brisbane Camera Hire - FAQs



Where are you located?

* We are located at Shop 3, 860 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill.  Our car park is located off Molloy Road.  Our hours are Monday to Friday - 9.00am until 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 12noon.    Our contact number is 1300 780 701 

Directions to our Store

Are you the official Canon Professional Service agent for Brisbane and Queensland?

Yes we are!  We take care of the greater professional community of SEQ photographers for all their dealings with the Pro Service [CPS].  Aside from organising logistics with Canon for warranties, repairs and new products we also perform sensor cleaning for all CPS members.  Services vary depending on CPS membership level so be sure to jump over to Canon CPS

I have found a lens on your website I would like to hire – what now?

* There are several ways you can reserve a piece of equipment to hire. The easiest way is to complete the online booking form and one of our staff will process your booking and confirm with you within 24 hours.
* If you need something urgently, please phone us and we can process your booking over the phone.
* When placing your booking, please nominate the equipment you would like to hire as well as the dates, pick up and drop off times.
* We will then email you to confirm the booking, flick you some forms and process a 50% deposit to secure your booking. 
* You will also be asked to sign a Terms and Conditions document before being able to hire your equipment.

Do I have to pay insurance?

* Insurance is optional. Insurance purchased through BCH gives you peace of mind and protects you from liability for unintentional damage to the rental item after paying an excess of $1000 per claim (not per item damaged).
* Insurance costs 10% of the rental price on lenses/accessories and 15% on camera bodies
* If no insurance is purchased, you will be responsible for the full cost to repair damage or replace the equipment should the worst happen.

Do I have to pay a bond?

* No you don't. However, for security purposes we require credit card details to be left upon collection of the equipment, along with a photocopy of some photo ID such as Licence or Passport (NOT Student ID's).  For high value equipment (greater than $2000 per booking) we will also require a photocopy of 2 different utilities bills showing your name and address on them.  If you do not have a credit card, we will require a cash bond. The cash bond required will be different depending on how much equipment you wish to rent.


What's the deal with the deposit?

* A deposit is required to secure your booking.  Up until then, your booking is simply an enquiry or perhaps a reservation or hold.  At that point, someone else may still hire that item and if they pay their deposit first, then it is theirs.  Deposit amounts are then deducted from your bill upon pick up.  Should you need to cancel your booking, your deposit will be 100% refunded back to you as long as you give us at least 48 hours notice of cancellation.  This will allow us ample time to hopefully have the gear re-hired out.  


How can I pay for the equipment?

* EFTPOS, Credit Card or Cash.  Credit Cards are fine but no Diners or AMEX.

Does the camera come with a charger?

* Sure does, every camera comes standard with a charger and one battery. We do our best to have the battery fully charged for you too.


Does the camera come with a lens and memory?

* No.  If you are hiring a camera, that is body only.  As there is no one lens to suit every single shooting requirement, lenses must be hired separately and we can certainly assist with your lens choice if you need.  Memory can also be purchased separately if you don't have memory of your own or need a little extra.


Can I take the equipment out of the country?

* Yes you can. You will need to ensure that it is covered under your travel insurance, as once the equipment has left Australia it is no longer covered by BCH insurance. You will also need to advise BCH of your intention to take the equipment overseas.

I want to hire a camera for the weekend – when do I pick it up and drop it off?

* You can collect your item after 12pm on a Friday afternoon (possibly earlier by appointment) OR Saturday between 9am and 12noon and you must return it by 12pm on a Monday.

You won’t believe it, I’ve dropped the lens and busted it and didn’t take out insurance… what will happen now?

* Sorry to say, if you damage the equipment, you’ve bought it. All our equipment is supplied in heavy duty camera bags and lens pouches to minimise damage. It must be kept in mind that this equipment is fragile and should be treated carefully. If you have damaged a piece of equipment, it will be sent for assessment and if it can be repaired, you will be charged for the repair. If it is beyond repair you will be charged the Recommended Retail Price to replace the item. If the equipment can be repaired you will also have to pay the hire fees for the duration of its repair, as it will be out of action and not able to be hired by anyone else. If this sounds like too much trouble and money, it’s easier just to be extra careful and gentle with it or purchase insurance.

Exactly what are the time periods for a day, week and a month when hiring?

* A daily rate is a full 24 hour period, which begins when the item is collected. That item must then be returned by that same time the following day.  The times can be flexible depending upon availability and not always STRICTLY exactly 24 hours.
* A week is a full 7 day period which begins when the item is collected. That item must be returned by that time 7 days thereafter.
* A month is a 4 week period which begins when the item is collected. That item must be returned by that time 4 weeks thereafter.

Why should I hire from Brisbane Camera Hire?

* Brisbane Camera Hire has an excellent range of camera bodies, lenses, lighting, tripods and other accessories for hire as well as other consumables such as memory cards for sale.
* We have a passion for photography and rent out our equipment at very affordable prices as we like to see people pursuing their love of photography.
* Photographic equipment can be expensive and this often precludes people from being able to afford to enjoy their hobby, however we ensure our rates are low enough to give everyone a chance to try out different equipment.
* Brisbane Camera Hire also gives you the opportunity to test out a particular camera or lens that you might be interested in buying. This way you can make sure it meets your needs before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing it.