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Photo and Video Rental Packages

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        As photographers ourselves we don’t just rent and service equipment, we get out shooting whenever we can – be it a job or to play with some new gear.  This hands-on experience has given us a unique understanding of more than just specifications. We know how a piece of gear feels, works and most of all what gear you need in order to get the job done.  Because of this we’re now renting discounted hire packages that will allow you to confidently tackle even the most technically demanding photo or video shoots.  Check out our packages below or give us a call or shoot through an enquiry to get more info!

Sony Video Package

This nimble videography kit includes the Sony a7sIISony 24-70mm ƒ/4, 3x Batteries and 64gb of memory.  This 4K unit is highly extensible and will take your videography to a new realm of professionalism.

Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $280 (Usually $325)

Week [7 nights] Rate: $590 (Usually $650)



Real Estate Camera & Lens Kit

Need to shoot your Air-BnB or trying to list privately?  Rent one off our starter kits to create images of quality far exceeding the needs of online real estate websites.  The kit includes a full-frame camera, ultra-wide lens and tripod. 

Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $275 [25% off]

Week [7 nights] Rate: $550 [25% off]


Professional Real Estate Lens Kit – Canon

Capture the finest interiors possible with our two premiere Super Ultra Wide Lenses: Canon’s 11-24mm ƒ/4 L USM and the 17mm ƒ/4 Title Shift [TS-E]. Your rooms will look cavernous, clean sharp and most of all: appealing!

Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $275 (Usually $305)

Week [7 nights] Rate: $490 (Usually $580)



Glorious Prime Kit

There are so many benefits to shooting with prime lenses and if you’re prepared to move your feet to zoom – you will reap the rewards!  The kit includes 3 primes lenses. Prime lenses afford you the ability to have a lens with a lower f/ stop than provided by a zoom lens. 

Includes: 35mm f/1.4  /   85mm f/1.4  /  135mm f/2

Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $175 (Usually $235)

Week [7 nights] Rate: $350 (Usually $430)



The Ultimate Trinity

There are 3 lenses affectionately nicknamed the Holy Trinity in the photography world – all of these lenses tout an aperture of f/2.8:  Wide Angle – Standard and Telephotos.  These 3 focal lengths have you covered from head to toe – from wide angle right through to telephoto.  If what you’re shooting isn’t covered by this range – well…. come and chat to us!

Weekend [2 nights] Rate: $220 

Week [7 nights] Rate: $480